Consumers regard inside leather often only as an embellishment and do not pay any extra-attention to it. It is simply seen as a lining fabric.

But inside leather is really close to the feet and right next to the skin. It has to deal with everything: foot moisture, foot heat, with a need for air, etc. And because it is exposed to the heaviest chemical and mechanical processes not every leather is suitable for inside leather.

Many people are sensitive to chrome-tanned leather, and that is why Minke only offers natural tanned inside leather:
  • AXIS
This leather has enormous advantages:
  • a higher water vapor absorption
  • a higher water vapor storage capacity
  • better thermal conductivity
This means: cool feet in the summer and warm feet in winter – not vice versa as in chrome-tanned leather.
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  1. All Minke leathers fully meet the strict PCP regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  2. Furthermore, no AZO dyes are used, their production and sale is prohibited according to the 2nd Ordinance amending the Commodities Regulation 15.07.1994 of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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