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The offer: fulfilling your needs.
Reduced searching time, easy finding. Browse through the Minke general catalog and you will discover how fast you will become familiarized with it. The clearly structured breakdown into chapters makes orientation quick and easy. The spacious layout of the product lines provides more clarity. You will not miss a thing you need for your day to day orthopedic business - no, quite the contrary.

The principle of partnership: customer-oriented.
Good relationships are most important. Our foremost goal is customer satisfaction. You can tell it from our product quality. You can feel it enjoying our personal service. You will meet experienced, committed employees, taking responsibility towards you just as towards your customers and patients. For all these reasons you will neither find defective goods nor have unanswered questions and (almost) no unfulfilled wishes.

The motto: one-stop-shop.
From workplace equipment to fancy buttons - everything from A to Z. We know precisely what you need to work efficiently. Thus, we offer a comprehensive range of products, from welts, lasts, leather, thermoplastic materials etc. to diabetes supplies. You will find only premium materials and qualities, because complaints are expensive - for you and for us.

The service: absolutely individual.
We help you personally. You will always be attended by your specific contact persons. For each request you will find a specialist you can call directly. This is efficient and reduces stress. We do not leave you alone, especially not with complicated requests - no, quite the contrary. We would be pleased to pay you a personal visit should the necessity arise and advise you to obtain the perfect customized solution for you.

And, who knows - during this process we even might develop a new product - a Minke innovation, as we have had more than just a few within the last 100 years. You see, one of the secrets of our success is to listen closely to our customers´ needs. Your suggestions and requests fire our imagination. Thank you for that!

The order: to your specifications.
Free of charge. Lots of inclusives. You have the choice. You can order 24/7 via email or by phone or fax. We also accommodate your needs with further advantages:
  • Prompt delivery
  • No minimum order. We send you smallest quantities, too.
  • We gladly provide you with samples if required.